Our churches are more than what happens on a Sunday. We’re more of a community than just a series of events. This is some of what’s on during the week.

Small Groups

Being a Christian and following Jesus is more than just a Sunday thing, and so the life of our churches extends beyond Sunday. One of the many activities that go on during the week are what we call small groups, or bible studies, or growth groups.

Each of these groups typically runs somewhere from 1 – 2hrs, depending on the group. Most of them meet in homes, though groups sometimes meet in public places like McDonalds, or at one of our church buildings.

Usually there is some time dedicated to socialising, some time to praying for one another, and some time to studying a passage from the Bible.

If you’re interested in joining a small group, then talk to one of our Ministers at a Sunday service, or you can get in contact with us.