Whether ‘expected’ or not, the death of a loved one can be an incredibly difficult time. Particularly the time leading up to the funeral can be difficult while juggling the complex set of emotions, and all the practicalities of trying to organise a funeral.

It’s our hope that at this time we can not only help make the whole process as straightforward as possible, but also help share the comfort that God offers in the Bible through Jesus.

Organising a funeral at Rosemeadow-Appin Anglican Churches

The easiest way to organise for your funeral at either St Mark’s, Appin or Rosemeadow Anglican Church is to just let your Funeral Director know that you’d like to have the funeral at one of our churches. They’ll get in contact with us to start making arrangements.

After your Funeral Director has been in contact with us, one of our Ministers will organise a time to meet with you and any other people who will contribute to how the service will come together. At this meeting, we’ll get some information about the family and talk about the details of the service including things like music, bible readings & what the Minister will wear for the service (e.g. Suit & Tie, or Clerical Collar).

Our Funeral Service follows the following order: Common Prayer – Funeral Service.

There is space in the service for processional music, recessional music, a eulogy or other family reflections, & a photo slideshow. There is some flexibility to incorporate other items for reflection.

Wednesday, Thursday or Friday mornings are easiest for us to accommodate funerals during the week.

Appin Graveyard

People have different feelings about whether they’d prefer a burial or to be cremated. Our Graveyard at Appin is presently closed. However, there are niches available in our columbarium wall. Ashes can be interred in the wall at a later date. The cost for a Niche is currently $800 – this covers the interment service, the plaque, labour, and a small fee towards the upkeep of the wall.

Often your Funeral Director may offer options for what will happen to your loved ones remains after the funeral. Sometimes you’ll receive the ashes to make your own arrangements. Feel free to ask your Funeral Director to contact us prior to the funeral, or to contact us privately afterwards. Usually we do interments  on a Saturday, but can discuss mutually convenient alternate options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to pay the Minister?
    No – normally the Funeral Director will include this in their charges and write a cheque to the Minister/Church.
  2. What difference is there between a church funeral & one at a cemetery chapel?
    Our Ministers are happy to officiate a funeral at a cemetery chapel. The service we run will be very similar either way.
    Often cemetery chapels can be more convenient, as there are facilities for a wake afterwards. Likewise, in the case of a burial, the burial plot will be closer.
    The downside is that chapels are often fully booked, limiting when you’re able to have the funeral and how long the service can be.
    In contrast, our church buildings are often able to be used for a longer period – however, you’ll then need to have a separate committal/interment off-site.
  3. I’m finding it really tough at the moment, are you able to help?
    If you want to talk with a Minister, we’d be happy to meet with you – just get in contact to organise a time.
    If you think you’d benefit from counselling, please contact Anglicare.
    If you’re just feeling lonely or lost, our churches are loving communities of people who would love to support you, even if you’re not religious. Maybe think about getting connected to us?

For more information, contact us.