Kilbride Nursing Home

On the third Wednesday of each month* one of our lay ministers runs an Anglican service at Kilbride Nursing Home.

We think it’s really valuable that we’re able to run a service there – some of the residents have been following Jesus for their whole lives but are unable to get to church now. That means that we’ve got a responsibility to love them & running a monthly service is one way we can do that.

The service is quite traditional: it follows the Anglican Prayer Book closely, and we sing classic hymns together. We try and do things that show appreciation for the way that residents at Kilbride have likely attended services for most of their life.

If you know someone at Kilbride Nursing Home – a friend or a relative – feel free to let them know that there’s an Anglican service there each month. We also have congregation members who visit weekly to encourage the residents. If you want to let us know about a resident who would appreciate coming along to a service, or a visit to read the Bible, please let us know.

* We aren’t able to run a service during January, and the date varies in the lead up to Easter & Christmas.

Kilbride Nursing Home
70 Glendower St
Gilead NSW 2560