Each of our services is a little bit different to the others. Check out our info and feel free to get in contact if you have any questions.

Rosemeadow 10:00am

Our Rosemeadow morning congregation meets at 10:00am every Sunday at Rosemeadow Anglican Church.

Feel free to turn up 10min early and grab a cuppa before the service starts. The service usually starts with singing, either to recordings or to a live band, and during our time together we’ll hear the bible read, there will be a 20-30min sermon applying the bible to daily life, we’ll spend some time praying & a collection will be taken up from our regular members (we just expect visitors to come and be welcomed). In our service, there’re some things that we say together – but it’s all up on the projector screen.

What people wear is pretty casual – so dress however you feel comfortable.

We run Kids In Church every week as part of the church service, because church is for everyone. This includes a bible story, a prayer and a children’s song. Afterwards, children receive an activity sheet to complete during the service.

Our facilities are disability-friendly: we have disabled parking, a ramp at the front door, disabled toilets, but most importantly a welcoming and inclusive congregation.

The service usually finishes around 11:15am – 11:30am, but people often hang around until as late as 12:30pm for morning tea and to chat. The kids love running around and playing during this time.

Appin 4:30pm

Our Appin 4:30pm Service is our newest congregation – we launched on Sunday 7th February 2021.

This church service is less formal than our morning congregations (we don’t say prayers or recite creeds together on a normal Sunday). We sing Christian songs with a live band every week, someone still says some prayers from the front, and the Bible is read and explained. Like our other services, there are a real mix of people attending. Because church is for everyone, we also run Kids in Church in the service.

The service normally finishes at about 5:45pm. 

Just like our morning service, there’s no need to dress up; most people just wear what’s comfortable.

Our facilities are disability-friendly: we have disabled parking, a ramp at the front door, disabled toilets, but most importantly we’re trying to build a welcoming and inclusive congregation.

Kilbride Nursing Home

On the third Wednesday of each month* one of our ministers runs an Anglican Lord’s Supper service at Kilbride Nursing Home.

We think it’s really valuable that we’re able to run a service there – some of the residents have been following Jesus for their whole lives but are unable to get to church now. That means that we’ve got a responsibility to love them & running a monthly service is one way we can do that.

The service is quite traditional: it follows the Anglican Prayer Book closely, the Minister wears his clergy shirt (with the white tab in the collar) and sometimes wears robes, and we sing hymns together. We try and do things that show appreciation for the way that residents at Kilbride have likely attended services for most of their life.

If you know someone at Kilbride Nursing Home – a friend or a relative – feel free to let them know that there’s an Anglican service there each month. We also have congregation members who visit weekly to encourage the residents. If you want to let us know about a resident who would appreciate coming along to a service, or a visit to read the Bible, please let us know.

* We aren’t able to run a service during January, and the date varies in the lead up to Easter & Christmas.

Fijian Church 1pm

Bula Vinaka!

After our Rosemeadow morning congregation, our friends from the Fijian Methodist Church of Australia come in at about 1pm to run a church service.

The entire service from singing, to prayers, to bible reading & preaching is in Fijian.

Though they’re not an official congregation of Rosemeadow-Appin Anglican Churches, we’re happy to partner with them in sharing our building.

To contact the Fijian Church, please use the following form: