Our Rosemeadow morning congregation meets at 10:00am every Sunday at Rosemeadow Anglican Church. Feel free to turn up 10min early and grab a cuppa before the service starts. The service usually starts with singing, either to recordings or to a live band, and during our time together we’ll hear the bible read, there will be a 20-30min sermon applying the bible to daily life, we’ll spend some time praying & a collection will be taken up from our regular members (we just expect visitors to come and be welcomed). In our service, there’re some things that we say together – but it’s all up on the projector screen.

What people wear is pretty casual – so dress however you feel comfortable.

We run a Creche every Sunday for children not yet at school.

We run a Sunday School every week during the school term using curriculum from Crusaders – an independent Christian youth organisation.

Our facilities are disability-friendly: we have disabled parking, a ramp at the front door, disabled toilets, but most importantly a welcoming and inclusive congregation.

The service usually finishes around 11:30am – 11:45am, but people often hang around until as late as 1pm for morning tea and to chat. The kids love running around and playing during this time.