There are a few options for getting connected to our churches:

1. Sunday Services

The easiest way to get connected to our churches is by attending a Sunday service.
By coming on a Sunday, you’ll get the best feel for what our church services are like, you’ll be able to meet a member of the ministry team, and you’ll likely be warmly welcomed by some members of whichever congregation you’re visiting.

2. Explore Jesus with us

Across the year, we run a number of small courses exploring the Christian faith. This will give you a sense of what it is that we believe as churches, you’ll be able to ask questions and clarify things, and usually there will be a few people doing the course at the same time.

3. Join a Small Group

Aside from our Sunday Services our churches also run small groups across the week where people meet together to read the Bible, discuss it, and pray for one another. This can often be a better way to get to know a group of people from church. To find out more about these groups, please get in contact with us.

Of course, our churches are active communities of people, and so there are often other activities running. We’d love it if you got in contact with us to find out if there’s anything else happening which could help you get connected. You’ll find contact details here.