We are sometimes able to make our halls available for hire. Please contact us about availability.

However, please note that an initial enquiry must be made at least 4 weeks before the intended date of hire, and details must be confirmed 7 days in advance (incl. payment of a deposit & arrangement of Public Liability Insurance). We are unable to be flexible with this time-frame because of our own internal staffing limitations.

We currently charge $31.79 + GST per hour for Community Groups and Not-For-Profit organisations. You will be required to sign a license agreement for use of the hall, and any booking of more than 3hrs will require a 10% deposit to be paid.

You are more than welcome to arrange your own Public Liability Insurance. The policy must include cover of at least $10 000 000. Alternatively, you may find it easier to apply with Ansvar Insurance at the following link:

Please click here for once-off hall hire from Ansvar Insurance.